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Technician in Audio Visual

Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
Technician in Audio Visual
  • An exciting and experimental course for the digital age, ideally suited to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in journalism, music, game design, visual arts or creative multimedia
  • It will focus on documentary production and story-telling, communication through waveform and music, creation of soundscapes for games and film and experimentation with audio/visual technology.
  • Students will be encouraged to experiment with modern modes of communication to create new sensory experiences for the audience. The course will foster creative communication using perspective,
  • digital platforms and mixed media. It will examine how reality is documented and created and will also look at how individuals construct alternative realities within the world of gaming, advertising and social media.
  • It would also be ideal for those interested in setting up their own media production company or furthering their studies in film, broadcasting, music or multimedia design.
  • This course is the ideal platform for a broad range of third-level courses in the humanities, film, game design, sound and music production, research, writing and broadcasting.

First Year: The objective is to train you with a technical specialty teaching on electrical and electronic foundations, by giving an asset to the basic components based on the fields of excellence of our teaching and research teams of the Insientech. Led by a teaching staff of research professors and professionals recognized nationally and internationally.

Fees: 50 euros per month
You will have access to Inscientech LMS and Microsoft Teams

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