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Father of Comoros Independence in July 5, 1975    ..
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It was in April 1999 that Azali Assoumani took command after a putsch, presented a posteriori as an intervention by the army intended to prevent a civil war, as the country was going through a secessionist crisis (1997-2001). He had managed to underline as objectives: 1- Mobile phone installation..
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Mohamed Taki confuses, surprises and acts much more where he is not expected to intervene. It is difficult to follow him, to know what he wants and what he does not want. He doesn't like gossip, he loathes intrigue, despises fashion and stays what he is with his straight suits and suspender pants. T..
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Facilitate the installation in the archipelago of a rear base for clandestine operations (hidden financing, arms trafficking) concerning French and South African interests. The very confidential “Indian Ocean Newsletter” goes further, accusing the communications company Trends Co, based in Villen..
Speech by ALI SOILIH
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He was a revolutionary one. His political program was simple: building a fair and just society. He was a socialist. To him socialism meant social justice, a better living, peace and freedom from imperialist powers. During his presidency, the country’s economy was booming. His policy was focused on f..
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