A Trip to Amazing Jakarta really took us by surprise.  We landed at the Airport and was shocked to see the lovely greenery all around. A long drive and we reached the Magnificent Hilton Hotel during Christmas Spirit everywhere.

While the Hilton Hotel put up a splendid array of BREAKFAST every morning, the staff are kind and courteous., with their warm smiles and greetings outdid the warm weather seeping into the glass windows and doors.

 The Greenery all around you and the sweltering heat is a great combination for a visit to Jakarta.

If your hungry food is not difficult to find -The island is well known for its street food and the specialty is the food table also known as Padang- Padang .

The entire table is paced with small bowls of assorted food and you can eat whatever you need and the best part you pay for only what you have eaten.

Every family has a very different tradition when one dies and it looks like the Death Rituals are costlier than any other ceremony.

Jakarta is filled with historical places and gives a lot of importance to family  traditions. There’s a variety of family homes in which people live in and their rituals is  a must to be known.

The zoo is another place one cannot miss. From the times of the Komodo Dragon until recent times you get a sneak peek into the animal lives.

The Grand Mosque stands majestically in the centre of the city inviting all worshippers to come and pray. Just opposite the Mosque is a Huge Cathedral for Christians to worship.

The National Museum walks you through the entire history of Jakarta and all information is given via maps, objects, dresses  and things of use.

If you want to see Orchids of different Hues and colours- Jakarta’s Orchids Garden is the place. You will be mesmerized by the wonderful sight of colorful flowers that greet you in the garden.

Places to visit in Jakarta are the National Monument, The Orchid Garden, The Grand Mosque, The National  Wayang Museum, The Isthiqlal Zoo, The Komodo Garden.

Breakfast was the hit of the day -early morning  coming down to breakfast and seeing the continental spread with tables of food laden , choice of food to enrich your taste buds was enthralling.