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Start from our experiences, we see the world from the other side and we know who we are from what we see on others. 

30 Apr Ramadan in Comoros
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1. Ramadan events in the Comoros: From the beginning of Shaaban, the Comorians restore, paint and decorate mosques, replace old lamps with new ones, and Families prepare themselves in stock of grocery and provisions. People organize weddings duri..
21 Aug Bali, the surfers' paradise
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Most people come to Bali to experience the marvelously rich culture heritage; some come for the beaches and the waves; some come for meeting and convention; others for pure relaxation. But if you are a nature lover don’t miss Jatiluwih, is a breathta..
20 Aug Dubai, Why is it Swarmed By Celebrities?
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If you looked on the various news headlines emerging from the Middle East, you will notice a substantial shift taking place in the manner they have been reporting about this region as a whole. From various military coups to the stories of political v..
30 May Beyond Tbilisi, Georgia's capital
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This was first time adventure trip to the Caucasus mountains surrounding Georgia. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi and the holiday time was the Christmas in Georgia. Cool and misty climate, tourists all around cladded with warm woolen mittens and ..
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