This was first time adventure trip to the Caucasus mountains surrounding Georgia. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi and the holiday time was the Christmas in Georgia. Cool and misty climate, tourists all around cladded with warm woolen mittens and scarves, long coats and thick boots.

The world’s most Bohemian city as they call it, is interlinked with the old and the new City. On one side of the road you have Old Town and the exact opposite is the New Town. Cultures and architectural eclecticism, thriving restaurant and bar scene, and wealth of cultural offerings make it worth a much longer stay.

The narrow warren-like streets of Tbilisi's historic neighborhoods, including Sololaki, Mtatsminda, and Vera – are filled with architectural styles, from mansions to traditional Georgian brickwork. The Churches, open markets, wine factory  and the long cool drives are some luxury one can afford on this mesmerizing trip.

Some places are still on the Old Town (Altstadt), Tsminda Sameba Cathedral ,Jinvali Water Reservoir, Funicular, Narikala Fortress, The Bridge of Peace, Amusement Park, The Great Giant Wheel, Wax Museum, The Wine Factory. The Sulphur Baths, the end number of Architectural Churches and sprawling green gardens and a hue of flowers everywhere,……..   and the list goes on to witness yourself one day of your Life.

The most memorable recall was the Taxi Driver Tariel who guided and escorted us to all the places, he left no stone turned in us visiting as many places as could during the stay at Georgia.

After the lovely sojourn at Tibilisi, we then headed into the snow-clad mountains-Guduari. That was unique and first-time interaction with snow and ice through our fingers.

The chilly air, cold winds and freezing temperatures, snow-capped mountains, and the setting sun, strew a bluish light all over the place, mesmerizing us with its wonderful view. However, this didn’t deter us from making a snowman or walking in the snow, went to the higher altitude of paragliding throwing snow all over the places. We returned with a snowy and cloudy whether, reached Tbilisi from where we flown back with unforgettable memories we share everyday till date.