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President Djohar Speech

President Djohar Speech
President Djohar Speech

Facilitate the installation in the archipelago of a rear base for clandestine operations (hidden financing, arms trafficking) concerning French and South African interests.

The very confidential “Indian Ocean Newsletter” goes further, accusing the communications company Trends Co, based in Villeneuve-d'Ascq (North), directed by Alain Delrue and Daniel Thorel, of having covered the entire operation. .

This company would conceal an officer of the DGSE and would have served for the financial and logistical cover of part of the Action service, thus allowing it to provide the political guarantee requested by Bob Denard.

“Saïd Mohamed writes the people with brutality, crudity, ferocity. The poor are beggars, beggars, rags. The poor are females and whores. He pitilessly describes these men and women crippled in their misery ”.

Author: Jouraliste Abdoulhamid Ali

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