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Mohamed TAKI Speech

Mohamed TAKI Speech
Mohamed TAKI Speech
Mohamed TAKI Speech
Mohamed TAKI Speech
Mohamed TAKI Speech
Mohamed TAKI Speech
Mohamed TAKI Speech

Mohamed Taki confuses, surprises and acts much more where he is not expected to intervene. It is difficult to follow him, to know what he wants and what he does not want. He doesn't like gossip, he loathes intrigue, despises fashion and stays what he is with his straight suits and suspender pants. This man knows how to serve, he demands consistency and patience, but his tactics sometimes do not correspond to the situation. Taki knows how to bounce back when he considers it crucial, he predicts with his frank speech, he warns, he foresees, he cultivates the patient often considered as cowardice by some or as a fear by others. He always preaches the gathering, he constantly insists on the capital interest of respecting the adversaries, he supports the political camps as soon as they become quite distinct, he is especially wary of politicians who easily change course or course when 'they suffer the slightest political failure. Mohamed Taki's political strategy mobilizes energies, inspires confidence in people, without asking their

adherence to the fight that he often leads in silence. Whenever we think his political career is over, that's when ordinary people redouble their combativeness and hope in the support they give him. Taki himself is not in a position to explain the origin of this cult that so many Comorians dedicate to him. Maybe Mohamed Taki has a hidden mystical side that no one can uncover.

1- He demanded that justice be done regardless of the person or a personality.

2- He hated hypocrisy and unemployment

Author: Journalist Abdoulhamid Ali

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