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Speech by ALI SOILIH

Speech by ALI SOILIH
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Speech by ALI SOILIH

He was a revolutionary one. His political program was simple: building a fair and just society. He was a socialist. To him socialism meant social justice, a better living, peace and freedom from imperialist powers. During his presidency, the country’s economy was booming. His policy was focused on four struggles which look similar to today’s UN Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially in the effort to roll back poverty.  

1) Fighting illness: his government sent many students abroad to study medicine. His local committees set up many public pharmacies and received foreign assistance.


2)Fighting illiteracy: he created the ALIFU-BE Project (alphabetization) which allowed through the Paya la Shiyo (local school) in every village the teaching of all the population how to read and write.


3)Fighting hunger and malnutrition: the state nationalized and redistributed the land to the peasants in order to grow the agricultural production.


4)Decentralization and rural local governments: in order to approach the administration to its citizens, the revolutionary regime built the MUDIRIYAS(municipalities) for every 6,000 inhabitants.

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