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Vision: Close proximity to each other
Mission: Interact and influence each other

Digital Commerce is in explosion rate globally, Internet adoption and Data connectivity bring socio-economic benefits to individuals and communities around the world. For most people living and work in rural areas, the only means of connecting to the internet is through mobile devices. But today, more than 1 billion people still living in areas without access to basic needs, basic 3G or 4G services, with 40% of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa alone.

This challenge exists due to high costs of traditional approaches for connecting rural communities. However, efficient, high-performing alternative approaches are closing this gap tremendously.

Sign up today on Ranza, Buyer or Seller, let us engage with a special focus, to build the Crowd Essentials, reaching the mass, closing the gap, building the next generations with social solutions available today for a faster and economically possible social ecosystems that let farmer, fisherman and digital solutions providers, to work closely than never before.

Primary Essentials: They are basically based on food, drink and primary necessities in health and education to All as life commodities

Secondary Essentials: In Majority to be transformed from Primary Essentials to be offered in multiple digital forms

Luxury Essentials: Highly desired to support self-worth and status, with high price linked to the product's quality and brand, a global known trend to a new rising regional talent. Your Talent, Our Glory.

Ranza – The Crowd Essentials

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